Saxon Glass Technologies offers chemical strengthening of your glass products for enhanced strength, thermal shock resistance, and abrasion resistance, while preserving optical clarity and product shape.

Don’t have a glass selected? We can help you choose a glass composition that suits your application and that chemically strengthens for maximum performance.

Treatment Processes:

Ionex® and Ion-Klad®

  • Suitable for most type-I borosilicate glasses, typically used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic container applications. Also suitable for soda lime or alumino silicate cover glass for electronic display applications.
  • Both treatments increase usable strength by 50% to 800% over untreated glass.
  • Ion-Klad® provides a deeper compression case-depth for greater forgiveness to handling-generated surface flaws.


  • A chemically strengthened glass for use in transparent armor laminates.
  • Exhibiting a modulus of rupture of nearly 1 GPa (~144,000 psi), Ion-ArmorTM offers superior performance over typical soda-lime silicate glass.
  • This is achieved by a surface compression greater than ~ 700 MPa (100,000 psi) and a case-depth exceeding 600 Microns (0.024 in) to as much as ~1 mm (0.040 in).

Custom Solutions

  • Have a glass that is not a soda-lime silicate or borosilicate, such as aluminosilicate, or have a special application?
    • We will develop a custom chemical strengthening process tailored specifically for your glass.