Chemically strengthened borosilicate glass vials for COVID-19 vaccine

  • Made of Type 1A sodium borosilicate “neutral” glass
  • Glass composition resistant to fluid attack
    • Proven track record in parenterals since 1953
    • Has been the preferred glass in billions of medicine vials
  • Strengthened glass composition approved by FDA for use in EpiPen autoinjectors to contain epinephrine
  • Resistant to thermal shock
    • Withstands rapid immersion in liquid nitrogen
  • Unlike plastic containers, glass is nearly impervious to atmospheric oxygen that would otherwise degrade a contained medicine
  • Does not have any (carcinogenic) sintering chemical agents typical of plastic container processing
  • Does not show significant leaching of aluminum ions that might interfere with kidney function
  • Chemically strengthened to 75% above the normal glass strength
    • Resists glass fracture during filling and transportation
    • Greatly reduces the loss of expensive vaccine